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Arrays and Associative Arrays

Arrays and Associative Arrays Arrays are one of the most powerful parts of the PHP language.You can initialize your array in following manner. <?php $ar[]="Visual"; $ar[]="Basic";$ar[]="is g8"; print_r($ar); ?> You can also declare using a list.$ar=array("Visual","Basic","Scripting"); Printing a List with commas <?php $ar=array("Janifer","Anna","Hingis"); $ar=implode(",",$ar); print $ar; ?> array_splice array_splice is used to shrink an array.array_splice(array init,int start,int lenth,aray repl.) <?php $ar=array("Janifer","Anna","Hingis"); $ar=array_splice($ar,2); // it will remove first two elements $ar=implode(",",$ar); print $ar; ?> array_unique array_unique eliminates duplicate entries from your array. <?php $str=array_unique($ar); ?> Returning the Current Element from an Array Use PHP in-built current function or loop through array. <? $current_element=current($ar); ?> count ===== function is used to count no of item in an array. <?php for ($i=0;$i<count($ar);$i++){ print $ar[$i]; } ?> foreach ======= <? php foreach($ar as $element) { print $element; } ?> Finding Elements in One Array but Not Another ============================================= Use array_diff() function to find the difference. <? php$ar1=array("Green","Red","White"); $ar2=array("Red","Blue","Violet"); $diff=array_diff($ar1,$ar2); foreach ($diff as $element){ print $element; print "<br>"; } ?> Appending an Array to another ============================= Use Built-in array_merge function. <?php $ar1=array("Green","Red","White"); $ar2=array("Red","Blue","Violet"); $add=array_merge($ar1,$ar2); foreach ($add as $element){print $element; print "<br>";} ?> You can also + sign to merge the files.$add=$ar1+$ar2;If you dont want to lose elements that are same in both arrays, you can use the array_merge_recursive() function. Reversing an array ================== use built-in array_reverse function. <?php $ar=array("Green","Red","White"); $ar=array_reverse($ar); foreach ($ar as $element){ print $element; print "<br>"; } ?> ASSICIATIVE ARRAY ================= Associative array has "String Index Association". Associative array represent relationship.For example "Sachin is Cricket Star", you can represent it as <? $star['Cricket']="Sachin"; ?> Constructing associative array is similar to Normal array but you have to specify both the value and the key. <? $star=array("Cricket"=>"Sachin"); ?> Adding new elements in an associative array =========================================== <?php //to add a star $stars=array("Kapil"=>"Cricket, "Anna"=>"Tenis", "Maradona"=>"Football"); $stars["MJ"]="BasketBall"; ?> Associative Array - Testing key presence ======================================== Use PHP's built-in function isset() <?php $stars=array("Kapil" => "Cricket", "Anna" => "Tenis", "Maradona" => "Football"); if (isset($stars["Kapil"])) { echo "OK ..."; }else{ echo "Not Exist ..."; } ?> Deleting elements in an associative array ========================================= Use unset buit-in function for deleting n element , you can pass a single element or a whole array into it. <?php $stars=array("Kapil" => "Cricket", "Anna" => "Tenis", "Maradona" => "Football"); unset($stars[Kapil],$stars[Anna]); foreach($stars as $nam=>$play){ print $nam; } ?> Moving through an Associative Array =================================== use foreach loop <?php foreach ($ar as $key=>$value){ //operations } ?> *To merge two arrays you can use array_merge() function or simple use +sign $ar1+$ar2