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A daily MySQL row displayed

A daily MySQL row displayed <?php //use the getdate function to retrieve the date/time data $today = getdate(); //store the day of the week in the $day variable $day = $today['wday']; //increment the variable by 1 because the wday returns 0 to 6 to represent Sunday to Saturday //Our database ID starts at 1 $day = $day + 1; //connect to server with username and password $connection = mysql_connect ("localhost","root", "") or die ("Cannot make the connection"); //connect to database $db = mysql_select_db ("test",$connection) or die ("Cannot connect to database"); //our SQL query we will display the id equivalent to the $day variable $sql_query = "SELECT * FROM test WHERE id LIKE $day"; //store the SQL query in the result variable $result = mysql_query($sql_query); if(mysql_num_rows($result)) { //output as long as there are still available fields while($row = mysql_fetch_row($result)) { echo ("<a href=\"$row[2]\">$row[3]</a>"); echo (": $row[4]<br>"); } } //if no fields exist else { echo "no values in the database"; } ?>