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A simple guestbook application demonstrating using MySQL and PHP3

A simple guestbook application demonstrating using MySQL and PHP3 to generate interactive web pages <? /* Here's a dump of the database used by this: # MySQL dump 4.0 # # Host: localhost Database: guestbook #-------------------------------------------------------- # # Table structure for table 'guestbook' # CREATE TABLE guestbook ( id mediumint(8) DEFAULT '0' NOT NULL auto_increment, name varchar(30) DEFAULT '' NOT NULL, email varchar(30) DEFAULT '' NOT NULL, job varchar(30) DEFAULT '' NOT NULL, location varchar(30) DEFAULT '' NOT NULL, comments text DEFAULT '' NOT NULL, url varchar(50), PRIMARY KEY (id) ); */ echo "<HTML><HEAD><TITLE>Guestbook Example</TITLE></HEAD><BODY>"; // path to mail server, we'll be mailing copies of entries to the admin to make //sure appropriate things are submitted $MP = "/usr/lib/sendmail -t"; // addresses to mail entries to $mail = "ccunning"; // connect to the database, since each part of this uses //the connection, we can just connect once at the beginning mysql_connect( "localhost", "username", "password"); //select our database mysql_select_db( "guestbook") or die( "Error opening database"); // if the query string (guestbook.php3?stuff) is add, then present the form to add entries if ($argv[0] == "add"): ?> <P>Please take a moment to share your comments with us. If you have a specific question for us, please use the form located <A HREF="/contact/index.php3">here</A>. <P><FRM NAME="guestbook" ACTION=" <?echo $PHP_SELF?>" METHOD=POST> <INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=cmd VALUE=send> Your Name: <INPUT TYPE=text NAME=name> <BR>Your E-mail address: <INPUT TYPE=text NAME=email> <BR>Your Web Page address: <INPUT TYPE=text NAME=url> <BR>Your occupation: <INPUT TYPE=text NAME=job> <BR>Where you call home: <INPUT TYPE=text NAME=location> <BR>Comments: <BR><TEXTAREA NAME=comments COLS=60 ROWS=6></TEXTAREA> <CENTER><INPUT TYPE=submit VALUE=Submit><INPUT TYPE=reset VALUE=Clear></CENTER> </FORM> <? // if the query string is view, the fetch the guestbook entries elseif ($argv[0] == "view"): echo "<H2>View Guestbook Entries</H2>"; // get stuff from the database $result = mysql_query( "select name, email, url, job, location, comments from guestbook"); // fetch the rows one at atime, and then echo the data to the page while ($row = mysql_fetch_row($result)) { echo "<HR>"; echo "<B>Name:</B> $row[0]"; echo "<BR><B>E-mail:</B> <A HREF=\"mailto:$row[1]\">$row[1]</A>"; echo "<BR><B>Web Page:</B> <A HREF=\"$row[2]\">$row[2]</A>"; echo "<BR><B>Occupation:</B> $row[3]"; echo "<BR><B>From:</B> $row[4]"; echo "<BR><B>Comments:</B>"; echo "<BR>$row[5]"; } // if we're submitting a guestbook entry elseif (isset($cmd) && $cmd == "send"): // open a pipe to the mail server, andsend a copy to the admins, // the mail() function could also have been used $fd = popen ($MP, "w"); fputs ($fd, "To: $mail\n"); fputs ($fd, "Subject: Guestbook Addition\n"); fputs ($fd, "$name ($email) has added the following to the guestbook\n"); fputs ($fd, "Web Page: $url\n"); fputs ($fd, "Occupation: $job\n"); fputs ($fd, "Location: $location\n"); fputs ($fd, "$comments\n"); pclose ($fd); // MySQL really hates it when you try to put things with ' or " // characters into a database $comments = addslashes( "$comments"); mysql_query( "insert into guestbook (name, email, url, job, location, comments) values // insert the data into the database ('$name', '$email', '$url', '$job', '$location', '$comments')"); ?> <P>Thanks! We appreciate your comments on our program. <? else: // lastly, we must be at the main page. Get the number of entries in the guestbook //so we can tell the visitor how many there are $result = mysql_query( "select max(id) from guestbook"); $row = mysql_fetch_row($result); $num = $row[0]; if ($num == "") { $entry = "There are currently no entries"; } elseif ($num == "1") { $entry = "There is currently 1 entry"; } else { $entry = "There are currently $num entries"; } echo "<P>Welcome to the Calculus&<I>Mathematica</I> guestbook. $entry in the guestbook."; echo "<H4><A HREF=\"$PHP_SELF?add\">Add an entry to the guestbook</A></H4>"; echo "<H4><A HREF=\"$PHP_SELF?view\">View entries in the guestbook</A></H4>"; endif; ?>