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MySQL Insta-Table

MySQL Insta-Table <?php // 4.0.5 FINAL // // dbinstaller.php // // $username = "xxxx"; $password = "xxxx"; $hostname = "xxxx"; $database = "xxxx"; // this is the name of the table you want to create $tablename = "xxx"; // change this statement to reflect // the database you'd like to create $stmt = "CREATE TABLE $tablename ( ID VARCHAR(200), Name VARCHAR(200))"; function printError($errorMesg) { printf("<br> %s <br>\n",$errorMesg); } // connect to the DB if(!($link = mysql_connect($hostname,$username,$password))) { printError(sprintf("Error connecting to host %s, by user %s",$hostname,$username)); exit(); } // select active db if(!mysql_select_db($database,$link)) { printError(sprintf("Error in selecting %s database",$database)); printError(sprintf("error: %d %s",mysql_errno($link),mysql_error($link))); exit(); } // create my table if(!mysql_query(sprintf($stmt,$tablename), $link)) { printError(sprintf("Error in executing %s stmt",$stmt)); printError(sprintf("error: %d %s",mysql_errno($link),mysql_error($link))); exit(); } printf("<br> Created Table %s.%s <br>\n",$database,$tablename); ?>