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A very simple postgreSQL guestbook script

A very simple postgreSQL guestbook script //this is a very simple guestbook example, i found that tere are not that many //postgreSQL examples out there for the very beginners, so here is one //it does not limit number of records per page, it does not give ou administration //features(for this i have another script - maybe i'll post it here as well later) //the table is: /*CREATE TABLE gb_record ( id int4, name varchar, email varchar, location varchar, comments varchar, url varchar ) ; */ <? //we do want a proper header for our file, don't we?! echo "<HTML><HEAD><TITLE>Guestbook Example</TITLE></HEAD><BODY>"; // connect to the database, since each part of this uses //the connection, we can just connect once at the beginning $connection=pg_connect("host=yourhos dbname=dbname user=user password=**** port=5432"); if (!$connection) { echo "Could not connect to the database"; exit; } // if the query string (guestbook.php3?stuff) is add, then present the form to add entries if ($argv[0] == "add"): ?> <P>Please take a moment to share your comments with us.</p> <P> <FORM NAME="guestbook" ACTION="<?echo $PHP_SELF?>" METHOD=POST> <INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=cmd VALUE=send> Your Name: <INPUT TYPE=text NAME=name> <BR>Your E-mail address: <INPUT TYPE=text NAME=email> <BR>Your Web Page address: <INPUT TYPE=text NAME=url> <BR>Where are you from: <INPUT TYPE=text NAME=location> <BR>Comments: <BR><TEXTAREA NAME=comments COLS=60 ROWS=6></TEXTAREA> <CENTER><INPUT TYPE=submit VALUE=Submit><INPUT TYPE=reset VALUE=Clear></CENTER> </FORM> <? // if the query string is view, the fetch the guestbook entries elseif ($argv[0] == "view"): echo "<H2>View Guestbook Entries</H2>"; $sql='select name, email,url,location, comments from gb_record order by id desc'; // get stuff from the database // $result = mysql_query( "select name, email, url, job, location, comments from guestbook"); $result=pg_exec($connection, $sql); if (!$result) { echo "Got no results"; exit; } // fetch the rows one at atime, and then echo the data to the page //we also want to know the number of the records in the database, so that we could //display the exact number, and it didn't give us a warning: can not get to the next //record message $r1 = pg_exec($connection, "select max(id) from gb_record"); $row1 = pg_fetch_row($r1,0); $num1 = $row1[0]; pg_freeresult(r1); $r=0; while ($r<$num1) { $row = pg_fetch_array($result,$r); echo "<HR>"; //we could have these fields in the echo already, but it does not access // array elements correctly from within "" $mto=$row[1]; $nam=$row[0]; $urrl=$row[2]; $loc=$row[3]; echo "<p align=justify><BR><B>Message by:</B> <A HREF="mailto:$mto\">$nam</A>"; echo "<BR><B>Web Page:</B> <A HREF=\"$urrl\">$urrl</A>"; echo "<BR><B>From:</B> $loc"; echo "<BR><B>Comments:</B>"; echo "<BR></p>"; echo $row[4]; $r++; } echo "<br><H3><A HREF=\"$PHP_SELF?add\">Add an entry to the guestbook</A></H3>"; pg_freeresult($result); // if we're submitting a guestbook entry elseif (isset($cmd) && $cmd == "send"): // mail guestbook entry to the webmaster mail ("[email protected]", "guestbook entry", "Comment: $comments\nURL: $url \nLocation: $location \n", "From: $name <$email>"); // postgreSQL really hates it when you try to put things with ' or " // characters into a database $result = pg_exec($connection, "select max(id) from gb_record"); $row = pg_fetch_row($result,0); $num = $row[0]; $num++; $comments = addslashes("$comments"); pg_freeresult($result); //we want to increment the id by 1 pg_exec($connection, "insert into gb_record values ($num,'$name', '$email', '$location', '$comments', '$url');"); // insert the data into the database ?> <h1>Thank you!</h1><br>We really appreciate your cooperation, to continue browsing the web-site <a href="index.html">click here</a>.<br> <? else: // lastly, we must be at the main page. Get the number of entries in the guestbook //so we can tell the visitor how many there are $result = pg_exec($connection, "select max(id) from gb_record"); $row = pg_fetch_row($result,0); $num = $row[0]; if ($num == "") { $entry = "There are currently no entries"; } elseif ($num == "1") { $entry = "There is currently 1 entry"; } else { $entry = "There are currently $num entries"; } echo "<h1>Welcome to the <I>Count Zero</I> guestbook.<br> $entry in the guestbook.</h1>"; echo "<H3><A HREF=\"$PHP_SELF?add\">Add an entry to the guestbook</A></H3>"; echo "<H3><A HREF=\"$PHP_SELF?view\">View entries in the guestbook</A></H3>"; endif; pg_freeresult($result); pg_close($connection); ?> </BODY> </HTML>