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Search Mime Email Structure

Search Mime Email Structure imap_searchstruct imap_searchstruct -- Search the structure of a mime email message for a query string and return an array of the mime-parts that match all the criteria. Description array imap_searchstruct ( array struct, string query ) This will search the structure of a mail message as returned by the function imap_fetchstructure, and return an array of the parts that match all the query arguments. The returned array of parts are intended for use in imap_fetchbody function. Example 1. imap_searchstruct() example <?php // Include the imap_fetchstruct.php file to add support for the function. include (imap_searchstruct.php); // Set up the server vars $server = "mail.example.com"; $user = "[email protected]"; $password = "password"; // Initialize the mailserver connection. $mserver = imap_open ("{" . $server . ":110/pop3}INBOX", $user, $password); $nmsgs = imap_num_msg ($mserver); for ($i = 1; $i <= $nmsgs; $i++) { // Fetch the structure for each message. $struct = imap_fetchstructure ($mserver, $i); // Perform the search. This query will return all the body text of an email. $parts = imap_searchstruct ($struct, "type = '0' & subtype = 'plain' & disposition != 'attachment'"); // Fetch and echo the content of the first mime-part in the $parts array. $body = imap_fetchbody ($mserver, $i, $parts[0]); echo ($body); } // Cloes the mailserver connection. imap_close ($mserver); ?>