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Class for sending mail with MIME attachments in multipart format using

Class for sending mail with MIME attachments in multipart format using external sendmail, mimencode and zip <? class Mail { var $from; //The sender var $to; //The recipient var $subject; //The subject line var $headers; //A hash of additional headers (headername => headervalue) var $zipname; //The name of the file the attachments are zipped into //($zipname == false if attachments are to be sent //individually) var $attachments; //An array of files to attach var $body; //The body text of the message //Mail constructor: initializes vars to default values. 'Nuff said. function Mail() { $this->from = ""; $this->to = ""; $this->subject = ""; $this->headers = array(); $this->zipname = false; $this->attachments = array(); $this->body = ""; } //Auxiliary method, used to guess a file's MIME type //based on its extension. Doesn't know about too many //extensions right now function guessMIMEType($filename) { //GUESS MIME TYPE $filename = basename($filename); if(strrchr($filename,".") == false) { return("application/octet-stream"); } $ext = strrchr($filename,"."); switch($ext) { case ".gif": return "image/gif"; break; case ".gz": return "application/x-gzip"; case ".htm": case ".html": return "text/html"; break; case ".jpg": return "image/jpeg"; break; case ".tar": return "application/x-tar"; break; case ".txt": return "text/plain"; break; case ".zip": return "application/zip"; break; default: return "application/octet-stream"; break; } } //Cute little convenience method. Supply it with a filename to //zip attachments to, or supply it with false if attachments are //sent individually function ZipAttachments($name) { $this->zipname = $name; } //The workhorse method, does the actually sending of the mail. //Doesn't check for errors so be careful! function Send($sendmail = "sendmail") { if($this->from == "") $fp = popen($sendmail . " -i " . $this->to, "w"); else $fp = popen($sendmail . " -i -f\"" . $this->from . "\" " . $this->to, "w"); $mime_boundary = "-1747901728-1448367683-913849620=:4553"; if($fp == false) return false; //Write subject header fwrite($fp,"Subject: " . $this->subject . "\n"); //Write user-defined headers reset($this->headers); while(list($hdrname,$hdrval) = each($this->headers)) { fwrite($fp,$hdrname . ": " . $hdrval . "\n"); } //If there are attachments, this needs to be a MIME message if(count($this->attachments) > 0) { //Write MIME headers fwrite($fp,"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"); fwrite($fp,"Content-Type: multipart/mixed; BOUNDARY=\"" . $mime_boundary . "\"\n"); fwrite($fp,"\n"); //Write dummy message body fwrite($fp," This message is in MIME format. The first part should be readable text,\n"); fwrite($fp," while the remaining parts are likely unreadable without MIME-aware tools.\n"); fwrite($fp,"\n"); //Write message text fwrite($fp,"--" . "$mime_boundary" . "\n"); fwrite($fp,"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=US- ASCII\n"); fwrite($fp,"\n"); fwrite($fp,$this->body); fwrite($fp,"\n"); //Handle attachments if($this->zipname != false) { //IF we've been told to //zip the attachments fwrite($fp,"--" . $mime_boundary . "\n"); fwrite($fp,"Content-Type: application/zip; name= \"". $this->zipname . "\"\n"); fwrite($fp,"Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64 \n"); //fwrite($fp,"Content-ID: " . $content_ID . "\n"); fwrite($fp,"Content-Description:\n"); fwrite($fp,"\n"); $cmdline = "zip - "; while(list($key, $attachment_name) = each($this->attachments)) $cmdline .= "$attachment_name "; $cmdline .= "| mimencode -b"; $pp = popen($cmdline,"r"); while(!feof($pp)) { $data = fread($pp,4096); fwrite($fp,$data); } pclose($pp); } else { //no need to zip the attachments, attach them //separately while(list($key, $attachment_name) = each($this->attachments)) { fwrite($fp,"--" . $mime_boundary . "\n"); fwrite($fp,"Content-Type: " . $this->guessMIMEType($attachment_name) . "; name=\"". basename($attachment_name) . "\"\n"); fwrite($fp,"Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64\n"); //fwrite($fp,"Content-ID: " . //$content_ID . "\n"); fwrite($fp,"Content-Description:\n"); fwrite($fp,"\n"); $pp = popen("mimencode -b $attachment_name","r"); while(!feof($pp)) { $data = fread($pp,4096); fwrite($fp,$data); } pclose($pp); } } fwrite($fp,"--" . $mime_boundary . "--\n"); } //No need for a MIME message, so it's an RFC822 message else { fwrite($fp,"\n"); fwrite($fp,$this->body); } pclose($fp); } } ?>