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Php > Errors and Logging Code Examples

Error Handler

Error Handler <?php // redefine the user error constants - PHP 4 only define ("FATAL",E_USER_ERROR); define ("ERROR",E_USER_WARNING); define ("WARNING",E_USER_NOTICE); // set the error reporting level for this script error_reporting (FATAL | ERROR | WARNING); // error handler function function myErrorHandler ($errno, $errstr, $errfile, $errline) { switch ($errno) { case FATAL: echo "<b>FATAL</b> [$errno] $errstr<br>\n"; echo " Fatal error in line ".$errline." of file ".$errfile; echo ", PHP ".PHP_VERSION." (".PHP_OS.")<br>\n"; echo "Aborting...<br>\n"; exit(1); break; case ERROR: echo "<b>ERROR</b> [$errno] $errstr<br>\n"; break; case WARNING: echo "<b>WARNING</b> [$errno] $errstr<br>\n"; break; default: echo "Unkown error type: [$errno] $errstr<br>\n"; break; } } // function to test the error handling function scale_by_log ($vect, $scale) { if ( !is_numeric($scale) || $scale <= 0 ) trigger_error("log(x) for x <= 0 is undefined, you used: scale = $scale", FATAL); if (!is_array($vect)) { trigger_error("Incorrect input vector, array of values expected", ERROR); return null; } for ($i=0; $i<count($vect); $i ) { if (!is_numeric($vect[$i])) trigger_error("Value at position $i is not a number, using 0 (zero)", WARNING); $temp[$i] = log($scale) * $vect[$i]; } return $temp; } // set to the user defined error handler $old_error_handler = set_error_handler("myErrorHandler"); // trigger some errors, first define a mixed array with a non-numeric item echo "vector a\n"; $a = array(2,3,"foo",5.5,43.3,21.11); print_r($a); // now generate second array, generating a warning echo "----\nvector b - a warning (b = log(PI) * a)\n"; $b = scale_by_log($a, M_PI); print_r($b); // this is trouble, we pass a string instead of an array echo "----\nvector c - an error\n"; $c = scale_by_log("not array",2.3); var_dump($c); // this is a critical error, log of zero or negative number is undefined echo "----\nvector d - fatal error\n"; $d = scale_by_log($a, -2.5); ?>