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Intelligent 404 Handler

Intelligent 404 Handler <?php /* Errors in Client 400 Bad syntax 401 Unauthorized 402 Not Used (Payment Granted) 403 Forbidden 404 Not Found Errors in Server 500 Internal Error 501 Not Implemented 502 Overloaded 503 Gateway Timeout * To call the scripts add the following to your .htaccess file. ErrorDocument 404 /track.php */ //choose the record either of the following statements //depending on what your host provides $file404 = $_SERVER['REDIRECT_ERROR_NOTES']."\n"; //or $file404 = $_SERVER['REDIRECT_URL'] . "\n"; $filename = '/var/users/mysite/htdocs/history404.txt'; if (file_exists($filename)) { $filecontents = file($filename); $add = (!in_array($file404, $filecontents)); } else $add = true; if ($add) { $fp = fopen($filename, 'a'); $write = fputs($fp, $file404); fclose($fp); $body = ''; $reportvars = array('REDIRECT_ERROR_NOTES','HTTP_HOST', 'HTTP_REFERER', 'HTTP_USER_AGENT', 'HTTP_FROM', 'REDIRECT_URL', 'REDIRECT_REQUEST_METHOD', 'REDIRECT_STATUS','REQUEST_URI','QUERY_STRING', 'REMOTE_ADDR', 'REMOTE_PORT'); foreach($reportvars as $key) $body .= "$key: {$_SERVER[$key]}\n"; mail('[email protected]','404:' . $_SERVER['REDIRECT_URL'],$body); } $revbits = explode('.',strrev($_SERVER['REDIRECT_URL'])); $pages['html'] = array('html','htm','php','txt'); $pages['special'] = array('css', 'js'); $ext = strrev($revbits[0]); if (in_array($ext, $pages['html'])) { // or show a make a comment form header('Location: /index.php'); } elseif (in_array($ext, $pages['special'])) { //output nothing echo ''; } else { //throw a large image onto the screen so it's easy to hunt down. //change the width and height to a more discreet dimension when live //although if the img has height and width attributes that will overrule //the width and height here $width = 50; $height = 50; $image = ImageCreate($width,$height); $blob = ImageColorAllocate($image,27,48,107); if (function_exists("imagegif")) { header ("Content-type: image/gif"); imagegif ($image); } elseif (function_exists("imagejpeg")) { header ("Content-type: image/jpeg"); imagejpeg ($image, "", 0.5); } elseif (function_exists("imagepng")) { header ("Content-type: image/png"); imagepng ($image); } elseif (function_exists("imagewbmp")) { header ("Content-type: image/vnd.wap.wbmp"); imagewbmp ($image); } else // or whatever action should be taken if you don't have GD installed. die("No image support in this PHP server"); ImageDestroy($image); } ?>