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Php > File Manipulation Code Examples

Set this directory to the physical location on your filesystem for the document root

Set this directory to the physical location on your filesystem for the document root <? session_register("GlimpseDir"); if(!$GlimpseDir) $GlimpseDir="/"; /* Set this directory to the physical location on your filesystem for the document root. */ $basedir="/usr/httpd/html/glimpse"; function reloadnow() { global $PHP_SELF; global $addons; header("Status: 302 Moved"); header("Location: $PHP_SELF".$addons); exit(); } if($cancel) $action=""; if($action=="root") $GlimpseDir="/"; if($action=="chdr") $GlimpseDir=$file."/"; if($action=="dele" && $confirm==1) { unlink($basedir.$file); $action="";} if($action=="move" && $confirm && $newfile) { rename($basedir.$file,$basedir.$newfile); $action=""; } if($action=="rmdr") rmdir($basedir.$file); if($action=="edit" && $confirm && $file) { $fp=fopen($basedir.$file,"w"); fputs($fp,stripslashes($code)); fclose($fp); $addons="?action=edit&file=".rawurlencode($file); reloadnow(); } if($upload) { copy($userfile,$basedir.$GlimpseDir.$userfile_name); reloadnow(); } if($touch) { touch($basedir.$GlimpseDir.$touchfile); reloadnow(); } if($mkdir) { mkdir($basedir.$GlimpseDir.$mkdirfile,0700); reloadnow(); } ?> <HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE>Filesystem Browser-Current Directory="<?=$GlimpseDir;?>"</TITLE> </HEAD> <BODY> <? if ($action=="dele") { echo "Are you sure you want to delete $file ?<BR>"; echo "<A HREF=\"$PHP_SELF?action=dele&file=" . rawurlencode($file) . "&confirm=1\">YES</A><BR>"; echo "<A HREF=\"$PHP_SELF\">NO</A><BR>"; echo "</BODY></HTML>"; exit(); } if ($action=="move") { echo "Current Filename is: ".$file . "<BR>\n"; echo "<FORM METHOD=\"POST\" ACTION=\"$PHP_SELF\">\n"; echo "<INPUT TYPE=\"TEXT\" NAME=\"newfile\">Newfile Name<BR>\n"; echo "<INPUT TYPE=\"SUBMIT\" NAME=\"confirm\" VALUE=\"Change\">\n"; echo "<INPUT TYPE=\"SUBMIT\" NAME=\"cancel\" VALUE=\"Cancel\">\n"; echo "<INPUT TYPE=\"HIDDEN\" NAME=\"action\" VALUE=\"move\">\n"; echo "<INPUT TYPE=\"HIDDEN\" NAME=\"file\" VALUE=\"$file\">\n"; echo "</FORM></BODY></HTML>"; exit(); } if ($action=="edit") { echo "<FORM METHOD=\"POST\" ACTION=\"$PHP_SELF\">\n"; echo "Current Filename is: ".$file ." "; echo "<INPUT TYPE=\"HIDDEN\" NAME=\"file\" VALUE=\"$file\">\n"; echo "<INPUT TYPE=\"HIDDEN\" NAME=\"action\" VALUE=\"edit\">\n"; echo "<INPUT TYPE=\"SUBMIT\" NAME=\"confirm\" VALUE=\"Save\">\n"; echo "<INPUT TYPE=\"SUBMIT\" NAME=\"cancel\" VALUE=\"Exit\"><BR>\n"; $fp=fopen($basedir.$file,"r"); $contents=fread($fp,filesize($basedir.$file)); echo "<TEXTAREA NAME=\"code\" rows=\"20\" cols=\"80\">\n"; echo htmlspecialchars($contents); echo "</TEXTAREA><BR>\n"; echo "</FORM></BODY></HTML>"; exit(); } ?> <A HREF="<?=$PHP_SELF;?>?action=root">Back to root</A><BR> <TABLE BORDER="1"> <TR><TD>Filename</TD><TD>Type</TD><TD>Size</TD><TD>Action</TD></TR> <? $handle=opendir($basedir . $GlimpseDir); while($file = readdir($handle)) { if ($file != "." && $file != "..") { $filename=$basedir.$GlimpseDir.$file; $fileurl=rawurlencode($GlimpseDir.$file); echo "<TR>"; echo "<TD>" . htmlspecialchars($file) . "</TD>\n"; echo "<TD>" . filetype($filename) . "</TD>\n"; echo "<TD>" . filesize($filename) . "</TD>\n"; echo "<TD>"; if(filetype($filename)=="file") { echo "<A HREF=\"$GlimpseDir$file\">View</A> "; echo "<A HREF=\"$PHP_SELF?action=edit&file=$fileurl\">Edit</A> "; echo "<A HREF=\"$PHP_SELF?action=dele&file=$fileurl\">Dele</A> "; echo "<A HREF=\"$PHP_SELF?action=move&file=$fileurl\">Move</A> "; } if(filetype($filename)=="dir") { echo "<A HREF=\"$PHP_SELF?action=chdr&file=$fileurl\">ChDr</A> "; echo "<A HREF=\"$PHP_SELF?action=rmdr&file=$fileurl\">RmDr</A> "; } echo "</TD>"; echo "</TR>\n"; } } closedir($handle); ?> </TABLE> <BR> <FORM ENCTYPE="multipart/form-data" METHOD="POST" ACTION="<?=$PHP_SELF;?>"> <INPUT NAME="userfile" TYPE="file"> <INPUT TYPE="SUBMIT" NAME="upload" VALUE="Upload"><BR> <INPUT TYPE="TEXT" NAME="touchfile"> <INPUT TYPE="SUBMIT" NAME="touch" VALUE="Touch"><BR> <INPUT TYPE="TEXT" NAME="mkdirfile"> <INPUT TYPE="SUBMIT" NAME="mkdir" VALUE="Mkdir"><BR> </FORM> </BODY> </HTML>