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Call User Function

Call User Function /* A small difference in these 2 examples one has all arguements in an array param the other uses multiple params The difference is the function called call_user_func() vs call_user_func_array() */ /* Call User Function with Vars */ <?php function car ($color, $doors) { if ($doors==4 && $color=="blue") print "We have no $color 4 door cars, sorry"; else print "Our $color 5 door cars are only $9999"; } call_user_func ('car', "blue", 4) . "\n"; call_user_func ('car', "red", 5); ?> /* Call User Function with Array */ <?php function debug($var, $val) echo "***DEBUGGING\nVARIABLE: $var\nVALUE:"; if (is_array($val) || is_object($val) || is_resource($val)) print_r($val); else echo "\n$val\n"; echo "***\n"; } $c = mysql_connect(); $host = $_SERVER["SERVER_NAME"]; call_user_func_array ('debug', array("host", $host)); call_user_func_array ('debug', array("c", $c)); call_user_func_array ('debug', array("_POST", $_POST)); ?>