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Button builder

Button builder <?php # Here we check to see if someone is uploading a new png to build a button on. if ($userfile){ # print $userfile_name."<BR>\n"; copy ($userfile,"button.png"); # print $userfile; # exit; } if (!$text) $text="ABCD"; if (!$size) $size=25; if (!$color) $color="ffffff"; if ($test_font){ print "Now displaying font: $test_font<BR>"; $tmp=str_replace(" ","+",$test_font); $tmp2=urlencode($text); print "<img src=button.html?font=$tmp&text=$tmp2&size=$size&color=$color>"; } /* print $test_font; if (!$text) $text="Testing: Sxooter"; if (!$font) $font="acme_explosive/acme.TTF"; */ # Here we find all the fonts installed in the font_path directory and make a list of them. # Note that ttf fonts are represented by a directory here.. $font_path="/usr/share/fonts/ttf/"; $dp=opendir($font_path); while (false!=($file = readdir($dp))){ if ($file!="." && $file!=".."){ if (is_dir($font_path.$file)){ $font_name[]=$file; } } } closedir($dp); # Next we look in each directory fir a file, each one being a font, and build a list of those fonts # stored by font directory name. foreach($font_name as $font){ $dp=opendir($font_path.$font); while (false!=($file = readdir($dp))){ if ($file!="." && $file!=".."){ if (eregi("ttf$",$file)){ $faces[$font][]=$file; } } } } if (!$test_font) $test_font=$font_name[0]."/".$faces[$font_faces[$font_name[0]]][0]; ?> <form name=form method=post> <input type=text name=text value="<?php print $text;?>"><BR> Pick a font:<select name=test_font onChange=document.form.submit();> <option value=0>Please Choose</option> <?php foreach ($font_name as $font){ for ($i=0;$i<count($faces[$font]);$i++){ print "<option value=\"".$font."/".$faces[$font][$i]."\""; if ($test_font==$font."/".$faces[$font][$i]) print " SELECTED"; print ">".$faces[$font][$i]."</option>\n"; } } ?> </select><BR> Size:<input type=text name=size value="<?php print $size;?>"><BR> Color (6 digit hex 000000 to ffffff or white, black, blue etc...):<input type=text name=color value="<?php print $color;?>"><BR> Execute: <input type=submit name=action value="Show me!"> </form> <HR> Upload a new button background image:<BR> <FORM ENCTYPE="multipart/form-data" METHOD=POST> Send this file: <INPUT NAME="userfile" TYPE="file"> <INPUT TYPE="submit" VALUE="Send File"> </FORM>