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Keeping selection from a drop down

Keeping selection from a drop down <? function my_select($name,$rows,$multiple,$array_list,$match) { //this select box takes the above 5 arguements to create details /* 1. $name = the name of the select box 2. $rows = the number of displayed rows (1 as the default) 3. $multiple = does the select allow multiple choices (boolean value 0 for no, 1 for yes 4. $array_list = the options (in a value:display pair ie "1:Informatique","2:Voyages","3:Immobilier") 5. $match = the items to be selected if trying to keep a value ( is "" if no values present or comma separated list if multiple) */ $numOpts = count($match); if ($numOpts>1){ $matches=implode(",",$match); }elseif ($numOpts==1){ $matches=$match; }else{ $matches=""; } echo "<select name=\"$name\" "; echo "size=\"$rows\" "; if ($mutiple==1){ echo " MULTIPLE "; } echo ">"; $count=count($array_list); for ($i=0;$i<$count;$i++){ //take apart the array key:value pairs $elements = explode(":",$array_list[$i]); //compare matches to list to see if the item is selected if (($numOpts<2)&&($matches == $elements[0])){ echo "<option value=\"".$elements[0]."\" SELECTED>".$elements[1]; }elseif(($numOpts>1)&&(in_array($elements[0],$matches))){ echo "<option value=\"".$elements[0]."\" SELECTED>".$elements[1]; }else{ echo "<option value=\"".$elements[0]."\">".$elements[1]; } }//end for echo "</select>"; }//end function ?>