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Nice looking dir index'r

Nice looking dir index'r <HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE> index </TITLE> </HEAD> <BODY> <center> <style type="text/css"> A:active {COLOR: #FFFFFF; TEXT-DECORATION: none} A:hover { COLOR: #FFFFFF; TEXT-DECORATION: underline} A:link {COLOR:#000000; TEXT-DECORATION: none} A:visited {COLOR: #C0C0C0; TEXT-DECORATION: none} .trone { background-color: #E9E9E9; font-size: 9pt; text-indent: 20px; } .trtwo{ background-color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 9pt; text-indent: 20px; } BODY { TEXT-DECORATION: none; font-family:verdana; font-size: 9pt; text-indent: 20px; } </style> <br><br> <table border=0> <tr class="trtwo"> <td><center><b>file</b></center></td> <td><center><b>size</b></center></td> <td><center><b>last modified</b></center></td> </tr> <? // shows the correct size & size-label function size($file) { $size_label = array("Byte", "KB", "MB", "GB", "TB"); $size=filesize($file); for ($c=0;$size>1024; $c++) { $size/=1024; } $size=round($size,1); return("$size ".$size_label[$c]); } $trbg = "1"; // which <TR> - background // reading the content and... $mydir = dir("./"); while ($file=$mydir->read()){ $kind = filetype($file); if ($kind != "dir"){ // ATTENTION! if you want this file to show subdirectories, remove this query //... showing the content: //<tr> - backgroundcolor echo "<tr>"; if ($trbg=="1"){ echo "<tr class=\"trone\">"; $trbg = "2"; } else if ($trbg=="2"){ echo "<tr class = \"trtwo\">"; $trbg = "1"; } //<td> and filename... echo "<td width=300><a href=\"$file\">".$file."</a></td>"; //...filesize... echo "<td width=100>".size($file)." </td>"; //... last change... $change = filemtime($file); echo "<td width=200>".date("j. - M. - Y; H:i:s",$change)."</td>"; } } $mydir->close(); ?> </tr> </table> <br><br> </center> </BODY> </HTML>