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Simple Page Navigation

Simple Page Navigation [PHP] <?php //If you use it, please link to my site $full_path = getenv("REQUEST_URI"); //put the base URL in case you need it $base = "http://subomain.domain.ext"; //Get the name of the file $page_file = basename($full_path); //The files are named file_1.php, file_2.php, etc. Extract number from it. $page_num = substr($page_file , strrpos($page_file, "_") + 1 , strpos($page_file, ".php") - strrpos($page_file, "_") - 1 ); $partial_path = substr($page_file, 0, strrpos($page_file, "_")); //Build array of pagenumbers. Here are ten pages. $all_pages = array (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10); foreach ($all_pages as $all_page) { //Create link to all the previus pages and put in prev-image. if ($all_page < $page_num) { print "<a href=\"$partial_path"."_". $all_page . ".php\"><img src=\"images/prev.gif\" alt=\"$all_page\" border=\"0\"></a>"; } //Create I-am-here-image. elseif ($all_page == $page_num) { print "<img src=\"images/here.gif\" alt=\"$page_num\" border=\"0\">"; } //Create links to all the next pages and put in next-image. else { print "<a href=\"$partial_path"."_" . $all_page . ".php\"><img src=\"images/next.gif\" alt=\"$all_page\" border=\"0\"></a>"; } } ?> [/PHP]