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Php Programming Code Examples

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Echo <?php echo "Hello World"; echo "This spans multiple lines. The newlines will be output as well"; echo "This spans\nmultiple lines. The newlines will be\noutput as well."; echo "Escaping characters is done \"Like this\"."; //You can use variables inside of an echo statement $foo = "foobar"; $bar = "barbaz"; echo "foo is $foo"; // foo is foobar // Using single quotes will print the variable name, not the value echo 'foo is $foo'; // foo is $foo // If you are not using any other characters, you can just echo variables echo $foo; // foobar echo $foo,$bar; // foobarbarbaz echo <<<END This uses the "here document" syntax to output multiple lines with $variable interpolation. Note that the here document terminator must appear on a line with just a semicolon no extra whitespace! END; // Because echo is not a function, following code is invalid. ($some_var) ? echo('true'): echo('false'); // However, the following examples will work: ($some_var) ? print('true'): print('false'); // print is a function echo $some_var ? 'true': 'false'; // changing the statement around ?> echo() also has a shortcut syntax, where you can immediately follow the opening tag with an equals sign. I have <?=$foo?> foo.